The Story of Us – at TFI Institute 2014

Now that we’re in our 5th and final week of Institute, we were asked to present our “Story of Us” – that’s what it’s called. Basically, we present our journey here at Institute in any form of our choosing. I chose illustration. It’s not as tidy or finished as I would’ve liked it to be, but there’s just no time for that right now. Regardless, I think it still conveys mostĀ of what I felt Institute has been for me.

To give you some context before you go through the cartoons-

Institute is the 5 week training period before the 2014 cohort of Teach for India takes on their classes in the city.

There’s no non-vegetarian food served on campus.

The campus is on top of a pretty hill – which makes it hard for us to get to places with chicken.

1 title

2 intro 3 reaching-flame 4 registrstion 5 sessions


6 emoshunal


*these many times a day

7 1 miss-chicken


7 friens

8 commvisit 9 jk 10 dance-song 11dance-sara


12 1 chicken 12 summer-school 13 5am-sleep


14 morning 15 reaching-jaihind


16 staff-energy 17 jk energy

18 lp123 19 lp234

20 night-sleep


21 joy-of-rec


22 head-count


23 terrible-class 24 good-class 25 omb-learn 26 better-worse 27 learn-n-learn 28 hard-life 29 push-self 30 better-teacher 31 thank-you