About me

I’m Sara – a 20-something Indian girl. Once an engineer, now a school-teacher. In May 2014, I began the Teach for India Fellowship and now teach Grade 8 students at a low-income school in Mumbai.

A year out of college, in 2012, I began this blog  to share my art with a few friends, but now it’s become my corner of the blogosphere where every post is like a post-card from where I am at the moment .

I blog about everything that finds it’s way into my life and has me thinking, feeling and living. Quick illustrations, stories from a day in my life, and little bits of motivation and inspiration that keep me going are some of what you’ll find here.

Oh and if you’re wondering why this blog is called ‘TheSalmonYatra’- go here 🙂

Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


20 thoughts on “About me

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  2. Hi Sara, I commend you on your work with Teach for India. To create a better world we must begin with the children. I look forward to reading your posts. I’m sure that you will find your teaching career very rewarding. Blessings. ~ Dennis

  3. Great to meet you Sara. I have been to India twice. Once in 2000, I went to Calcutta, darjeeling, and Pedong. Then in 2008 my husband did a three month course in Jaipur, so I had the awesome opportunity to experience Indian culture for a good chunk of time. I would love to return again some day.

    • Hey Staci, Glad you stopped by :).I haven’t yet been to all those places you’ve been to! I really must see more of India.
      If you do visit India again, let me know!

      • Will do. You are in Mumbai right?
        I would love to go to India again. My husband’s going in July to teach a digital film course in Siliguri. I so wish I could go with him.

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