I’m just writing to be back in this blogging space that I miss right now. It’s been so long that I feel like Tom Hanks on the island that is my blog.

It’s been so long that wordpress has gone and changed it’s interface which I’m now having trouble with.

My 2 year Fellowship is nearly at its end. I’ve got to say these 2 years have been pretty pivotal and life-defining. It’s not just my experiences in the classroom, it’s also everything else thrown into the crockpot of life in Mumbai.

I’m up past 4am writing cover letters for jobs I’m applying to, but if I could write a cover letter for a vacation that I really want it would be the most convincing. Because a vacation is what I really want. 2-3 months tops.

A vacation sans worries of student achievement (or lack thereof), sans worries of the clothes that are getting too tight for me and my diminishing bank balance, sans talk of marriage, sans career worries. A vacation to just be; to look back on these 2 years and who I’ve become and then dream a little before I throw myself into my next venture.

Here’s where some very well-intentioned close ones are going to ask me “What is that next venture??” Or they’ll tell me a weekend would be enough to do all that reflection, or that career opportunities aren’t waiting around for me to come back from a vacation.

Orrr they’ll tell me that my next venture should be marriage..and maybe a baby? “No. No beta, no vacation. Take husband, make baby. Settle down.”

What’s the hurry, world?

It’s funny that my biological clock ticks loudest in everybody else’s ears but mine.

And that’s all that I have to say tonight. I probably should sleep before I face my class of 45 energetic 8 year olds. The more tired I am, the more unpleasantly eventful the day tends to be. God has his ways of trying me. There are many things my mum says I’ll only understand when I have kids. But I think being a teacher has made me understand how tiring it is to stay cooped up in the house with kids all day.  Ha. It makes sense. That’s actually the reason why a lot of my stay-at-home mums send their kids to school. Free government school education and supplies. AND a free day-time baby-sitter..who stupidly stayed up all night before school.



2 thoughts on “Resurfacing

  1. Yo Sara! Lots of love from your old cofellow.

    You must believe me when I say this- everything’s going to be alright 🙂

    Enjoy the last few months with the kids.



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