Aunt Scrooge needs her fix

I am aunt to a 2 year old girl and a 9 month old baby boy. And I’ve been living in the same house as them since the time the older one was born. I’ve seen a lot – inconsolable howling babies, fever-ridden babies, nights in the hospital, poop on my wrist thanks to a diarrhoea-baby, the smell of puke on my shirt when I’m out with friends because I played with a well-fed baby right before leaving the get the picture.

After all of the above, I’m guessing I’ve led you to believe I’ve become quite the Aunt Scrooge, BahHumbugging my way through life stepping over crying pooping little humans, grimacing at any trace of baby-drool or puke that might get on me.

But No! Infact, just when life makes me most grouchy, no amount of chocolate, no amount of ice cream, no amount of any happy-food can do what a giggling happy baby does for me.

Lets get one thing clear- I’m not one of those girls who go  ‘Awwwww’ at every soft and cuddly thing she sees. No, I’m like Hulk Hogan cuddling a baby, OK?

Hulk Hogan says,

hulk hogan” Babies can be so cute you wonder how completely un-cute,gross or evil people get from being cute babies to what they are today. What? No, I’m not talking about me..Just listen dude, I’m making a point. Where was I?

Yeah, so babies. If they weren’t cute we’d dump them somewhere when they got too hard to handle. It’s true. Apparently, evolution made us respond to cute triggers a protective nurturing reaction in us..cos you see animal-babies can take of themselves so they needn’t be cared for till adulthood. Human babies need taking care of..actually, so do some human adults. Heh.”

Just kidding. Hulk Hogan didn’t say that. I did. 🙂  Actually evolutionary biologists did.  I was afraid I’d lose my audience if I went on and on about cuteness, cos seriously, who wants to go through a post on cuteness? Not me. So I used Hulk Hogan to keep you reading. teehee 🙂

So, my point is- my niece and nephew are uber-cute and that over-compensates for their crying, naughtiness and grossness, and they’re my sure-shot way of getting a smile out of the grumpiest me and the grumpiest anyone.

Case in point : Nephew un-Scrooging the aunt

Case in point : Nephew un-Scrooging the aunt


This post was written in response to the Daily Prompt.


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