This train has left the Techie-station

March 28th 2014 – my last day as an engineer. That is actually my first dream come true. I always knew I didn’t want to be an engineer, and now finally I’m not.

If you’re wondering why I got a degree in engineering in the first place, this is all you need to know : Indian parents tend to make their kids either engineers or doctors..and once that is done, the kids try and do what they really want to do..with much parental apprehension and/or disapproval.



But when that Last Day came, I didn’t feel the expected flood of relief and joy. I am supremely glad I don’t have to code anymore, or try to summon an interest in techological advancements or business solutions, but it did not feel like escaping prison. And I think this is because in my second year as engineer, life changed drastically from what it used to be in the first year- which is when I pictured my office to be the joy-sucker of my life.
So, the life-changing difference between my first and second year? People at work who turned into friends. People made all the difference. I went from being the loner-girl who spent her free-time in office reading Norman Vincent Peale’s ‘Power of Positive Thinking’ (No kidding.I’d hide the cover of the book so that people wouldn’t assume (rightly) that I hated being in office so much that I needed the book to survive.) to the girl who had so many people she liked to hang out with at work that she had to schedule time for each of them in her work-day.

And so, I guess now it’s no surprise why my last day at work didn’t feel like an escape from prison. It’s sort of like the Stockholm syndrome. An IT company got me in it’s grip and intended to make my life miserable, but I met people in it that made me begin to enjoy my time in the company.
Now, instead of ecstatically fleeing my IT life, I find myself walking away with a sense of peace and contentment, glad for the good memories made.

And I am really, really happy I’ve quit IT. But more than happiness on quitting IT, I’m happy because of what I’m about to do next. I’m happy because there are doors of opportunities waiting to be opened. I’m happy because I’m finally on my way.

Freedom Sculpture

Freedom Sculpture in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
-How it feels to leave a job that holds you back-




6 thoughts on “This train has left the Techie-station

  1. Congrats Sara! Look forward to reading about your new gig .. You know I admire people who have the nerve to come in to their first job on day 1 and say “I hate it”. I didn’t have that nerve. Kept fooling myself that I was meant to be in the technology business. I didn’t like to code so I went and did a masters in information systems and then did tech consulting for 3 years assuming the “business” side of things would excite me more. It was fun because of the people but I knew I was kidding myself when I said I could do this until I retired. I don’t know what the next year or two will bring my way but I am hoping I don’t have to ever sit in a cubicle and stare at my laptop 🙂

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