Audio Cassettes, I miss you.

2002. Westlife came out with their Greatest Hits Album : Unbreakable Vol. 1.


Westlife – The Greatest hits : Unbreakable Vol. 1 (2002)

If I have to mention any one song of that album, I’d choose “If I let you go”..or maybe “Flying without wings”? But, that’s only if I’m forced to choose just one song.

audio cassettes

Dear Audio Casettes, I’m sorry you had to go away.

My year was made. I owned the audio cassette. Those were the years..the last few years when audio casettes still reigned supreme in my life. They made it hard for you to skip songs, so you’d eventually learn to love all songs on Side A and Side B equally. Of course, Westlife didn’t make that hard at all. I LOVED that entire album. Still do!

Oh! I just remembered that whirring sound you can hear between songs and at the end of a side until all the tape rolls to one side. That sound was strangely comforting and yet stirred a tiny bit of dread because I knew an unpleasant sound was to follow- that loud*PCHUKK*noise of the Play button popping up (I hate that sound!), once a side was over. Ugh. Way to kick me out of my happy reverie.

I remember going to bed every night, glad it was time for my nightly Westlife-time. I’d play Side A and if I wasn’t asleep by the end of it, I’d quickly flip the tape and begin listening to Side B. I don’t remember ever tiring of it.

To this day, anytime any song from this album of Westlife’s plays on the radio or in a department store, I drop what I’m doing and sing along to the song. Nothing and no one must stop me from capturing that moment for myself. It transports me back to the nights as a 13 year old, lying on my bed and having Westlife play the soundtrack to my perfect little life.

–This post was written in response to the DailyPrompt : Always Something to Remind Me.

I’ve got 2 months until I join Teach for India, and I want to fill this time with as much writing and drawing as I can. Starting today. I’ll draw in my sketchbook at work, and use the phone camera to upload it. 


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