How I fared at the genetic lottery

Weekly Writing Challenge: DNA Analysis

If you asked me if I take after my parents, I’d say ‘No’. I don’t look like my mum or my dad, or my sisters even(They assure me I’m not adopted). At least not if you compare me to them feature by feature. But there are certain situations in which I’m told I resemble family.

1. If I dash past somebody, wearing specs and a ponytail- people can mistake me for my sister. Won’t happen if I walk normally past them and give them a chance to look at my face.

That doesn’t count?? Well, it does. In this list, it does. I’m my sister’s sister. They said so, OK? Ok.

2. An old lady in the building who I’d never met before was in the lift with me. And she was staring at me. An uncomfortable minute later, she went for her Eureka-moment saying “You’re Mini’s daughter, aren’t you??”

Oddly enough, I am!

She says we share the same face shape!! Oval. Thank God for the old lady. Who needs a DNA test, when you’ve got her?

Eventhough, according to her logic, that’d mean any of these people could be my parent.

who's your daddy

That’s about it for obvious physical traits. If I ever get obese, I’ll blame it on the parents. Why take responsibility when you can blame it on the gene pool?

That brings me to a few personality traits I’ve probably acquired from family, and then blame them for it :/ Yeah. Because most of them are things I want to change!

1. The pubescent-girl slouch (cos them boobies be weird) and the improved,but weird gait that followed. I got it from my older sister. No, not puberty, the weird gait. (wouldn’t be hilarious and SCARY if puberty were contagious??)

2. I’m a reserved person. I feel. I’m very feely inside, but the emotion goes through many filters before it can get expressed out of me. I’m not a natural hugger, air-kisser, kiss-blower, or ‘I love you’-sayer. My heart has to tell my brain it’s ok to hug or kiss people I really love.

Tough guy

If a girl-friend starts crying, my brain panics because it’s girl-protocol to hug..or something hugg-ish. I’ve been known to poke the crier on her shoulder.Yes, one does if one is afraid the thing could explode on touching.

I don’t think I can blame any member of my loving family, BUT it could be the MiddleChild Syndrome- that’s a family-related bunch of traits, of which I’ve got one! Bingo! Quoting Kenny Myeres: “..middle children can be more quiet and reserved than their siblings, their voices and opinions can go unheard.” Ok,I don’t think I was unheard, but I did leave a LOT of things unspoken. Stories for another day!

3. I like to keep a clean house, and can flip out at a certain point when my territory keeps getting messed up. (My mum might say I flip out more than I clean house.) This trait is mine by courtesy of my mother (even the flipping-out).

FYI, there are a tonne of things I didn’t get from my family’s genetic pool that I wish I had. Per esempio: My mum’s beautiful face, my mum’s lack of body hair, my sister’s awesome head of hair, teeth-size that’s proportionate to my face (which both parents have btw), my mum’s lady-like fingers,..

aannnd with that I’ll stop because you might be painting a pretty ugly picture of me in your head now 😀

paints a thousand words