A Family Outing

I’m spending this month in Kerala with family. Trips to touristy places was on my Things-to-do-while-in-Kerala list. I didn’t intend a family trip, but that’s what I got on my first attempt at a trip to Fort Kochi. Eventhough we didn’t go to any of the places I wanted to visit, there wasn’t a dull moment. And that’s because it’s my family packed into an Innova. More importantly it’s because my dad who drove us there wanted to be back home all the while.

He says “There’s no parking spacee!” while passing empty parking spots.

He says “See??you can see from the car itself. Why you want to get out and walk in this heat?

Ya. So that’s mostly why it was eventful. Getting to our destination was a result of my willpower pitted against his.

I like quick cartoons..if asked to express myself- this is what I prefer. So, here’s a look at how a trip with my family looks like 🙂


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