How to get Girls when I look like a Cross-dresser

I want to stick to the unwritten ‘Sketch-a-Day’ resolution, but it has got to be ‘Sketch-in-an-hour-A-Day’. Today I went about it verrryy unwisely and spent waay too much time on this- coloring and reading.The actual sketch took so little time. I really don’t like coloring -_- [even before this]

Anyway, I ended up learning a lot about Animal and insect mating rituals so don’t be surprised if that comes up again.

So before the illustration:

Fun Fact : The cricket chirp does not come from their voice box! Normal male crickets have specially-equipped wings with a scraper and teeth that produce a chirp when rubbed together. Mutant males, on the other hand, have wings more like those of a female, without the noise-making features, turning them into something of an auditory cross-dresser. 

Yes, my cricket should be reading “How to get Girls when I look like a Cross-dresser” – but I was trying to be informative without going on and on..shows I got more to learn!  I love infographics..Maybe someday I’ll make wonderful ones 🙂

Here’s my info-source: – Worth a read!


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