Getting back on the horse

So today I’m coming out of a 3 day slump in productivity. It’s mind boggling to figure out the whys of such a condition as well as depressing. oh AND scary if there are deadlines you have to meet and things you need to get done. But last night I made up my mind that today would be The Day I Came Back with a Bang [I’m pretty sure that alone doesn’t help] and fortunately my day began with an idea for something I want to begin work on..and that got my creative juices flowing again and I felt the joy of a father waiting for his prodigal son’s return [too much drama? maybe. but it does feel awesome after the past 3 days!], I also found a tonne of stuff that’ll help me the next time I fall into a creative rut. See? there is good in everything!

So, here’s the first thing I found- straight from the mouth of Brian Clark:

How to Break Out of a Creative Rut
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