My first Caricature!!!

I post this with MUCH joy. [as u can see by my excessive use of exclamation marks in the title of this post :)]

This is not just my first caricature, but also my first successful effort at Digital Painting.

[my actual first effort was so ugly that I cried for an hour after I gave up on it. That’s an appropriate reaction considering I spent 7 hours on it and it looked as ugly as the ugliest thing in the world! i can’t even think of anything that ugly!] this is a caricature of my cousin Chandy. He’s getting married in Jan and wanted me to design his wedding invitations. I’ve always wanted to be able to do caricatures. Portraits were fine, but caricatures didnt come easy. So, fortunately for me the idea of a wedding invite with caricatures of the couple was enthusiastically received and I proceeded to get two birds with one stone! 😀 I’ll soon create my first wedding invite too 🙂

andd..this caricature will be in it!


4 thoughts on “My first Caricature!!!

  1. While you have got his hairline bit right, I think you have messed up his jaw line and the square structure of his face. I think that is perhaps the most distinctive feature of his face. What do you think?

    • Caricatures aren’t supposed to replicate every feature. As long as you exaggerate some features, yet maintain a likeness -it’ll render a comical picture of the person. Google ‘caricatures of celebrities’- u’ll get what I mean- ignoring certain features won’t take away from the characteristic look of the person.

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