How to get Girls when I look like a Cross-dresser

I want to stick to the unwritten ‘Sketch-a-Day’ resolution, but it has got to be ‘Sketch-in-an-hour-A-Day’. Today I went about it verrryy unwisely and spent waay too much time on this- coloring and reading.The actual sketch took so little time. I really don’t like coloring -_- [even before this]

Anyway, I ended up learning a lot about Animal and insect mating rituals so don’t be surprised if that comes up again.

So before the illustration:

Fun Fact : The cricket chirp does not come from their voice box! Normal male crickets have specially-equipped wings with a scraper and teeth that produce a chirp when rubbed together. Mutant males, on the other hand, have wings more like those of a female, without the noise-making features, turning them into something of an auditory cross-dresser. 

Yes, my cricket should be reading “How to get Girls when I look like a Cross-dresser” – but I was trying to be informative without going on and on..shows I got more to learn!  I love infographics..Maybe someday I’ll make wonderful ones 🙂

Here’s my info-source: – Worth a read!



First post from my sketchbook! It’s faster than working on it digitally and also more fun 🙂 It’ would be lovely to fill a book like this!


Gangnam Style – Fan Art

I am not a Fan as such..infact I didn’t see what the hype was about when this was trending all over the internet. But then the more I saw it, heard it..I inched closer to liking it for its wackiness and then when I watched him on The Ellen Show where he taught Britney how to do the dance and told her it’s okay to be wearing heels for the dance cos this dance you “Dress Classy and Dance Cheesy” 😀 – that’s when I put my stamp of approval on him. Just like that 🙂

Note: I’ve uploaded the low-res version of this, so there’s nothing wrong with your eyes. But if everything around u looks just as clear as this- then yea, you have a problem.

A Caricature Wedding Invitation Card

The wedding invitation card I’ve been working on for some time now is finally ready and tailored down to meet exactly what my cousin and his fiance wanted.

So here it is!

-They wanted it to be a Kerala themed wedding card so what u see on the front is the couple in modified Keralaite fisher-folk clothing and a fishing boat and coconut trees. [For the non-Indians out there- Mallu is the shortened form of Malayalee, and a Malayalee [aka Keralite] is to Kerala what an American is to America.]


-And this is the inside of the card. The black figures are drummers hired to play at certain traditional festivals in Kerala. The call-outs are in Malayalam so that you can enjoy the sound of the language on your tongue if it’s new to you:) The last drummer has left his drum to help carry the ‘villaku’ – which is a golden lamp with oil and wicks that are lit when occasions are inaugrated.

And the blank space in the end is for the couple to write their personal note to the guest. [ and i couldn’t put my pretty striped background cos Photoshop keeps crashing now cos I’m using poor girl’s laptop- that’s what I tell myself- but maybe its cos I dont know how to clear enough space on C everytime it magically and ANNOYINGLY gets so full it leaves .2 MB free. My C drive is possessed.]


It was an enjoyable process when I try to leave out all the hard bits 🙂 – like the low days where u want to do nothing but waste away in all uselessness and your brain allows no good idea to surface..and the days when u spend just scrapping one good idea after another because it doesn’t allow for 1 of the 10 requirements that need to be met. It’s been a good taste of what working as a designer would be like. Though I think I had clients that cared more about me than themselves and that clients who aren’t family are going to be driving me nuts with lack of what I consider good creative sense and worse- changing requirement.

But I’ve realised that the best part of working on a project is the end when you see everything FINALLY falling into place. And the satisfaction of seeing the end product as you’d like it, with nothing left to add or take away- makes it all worth it.

Caricature #2

10 days ago, I had struggled all day to get a caricature right..but didn’t. Today I summoned the courage to try that again and I got it right [or at least what I consider fine] on the first go 🙂

I guess sometimes when something isn’t going well and has worn you down, it’s best to stop,give it a rest and come back later to tackle it with the best of you back in form.


Getting back on the horse

So today I’m coming out of a 3 day slump in productivity. It’s mind boggling to figure out the whys of such a condition as well as depressing. oh AND scary if there are deadlines you have to meet and things you need to get done. But last night I made up my mind that today would be The Day I Came Back with a Bang [I’m pretty sure that alone doesn’t help] and fortunately my day began with an idea for something I want to begin work on..and that got my creative juices flowing again and I felt the joy of a father waiting for his prodigal son’s return [too much drama? maybe. but it does feel awesome after the past 3 days!], I also found a tonne of stuff that’ll help me the next time I fall into a creative rut. See? there is good in everything!

So, here’s the first thing I found- straight from the mouth of Brian Clark:

How to Break Out of a Creative Rut
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My first Caricature!!!

I post this with MUCH joy. [as u can see by my excessive use of exclamation marks in the title of this post :)]

This is not just my first caricature, but also my first successful effort at Digital Painting.

[my actual first effort was so ugly that I cried for an hour after I gave up on it. That’s an appropriate reaction considering I spent 7 hours on it and it looked as ugly as the ugliest thing in the world! i can’t even think of anything that ugly!] this is a caricature of my cousin Chandy. He’s getting married in Jan and wanted me to design his wedding invitations. I’ve always wanted to be able to do caricatures. Portraits were fine, but caricatures didnt come easy. So, fortunately for me the idea of a wedding invite with caricatures of the couple was enthusiastically received and I proceeded to get two birds with one stone! 😀 I’ll soon create my first wedding invite too 🙂

andd..this caricature will be in it!