How a Wedding came to be

This is something I did for a couple of friends who’re getting married this month. The story of how they met and decided to get hitched 🙂


The research that went into buying a Wacom Tablet

They say a Wacom is a big help when it comes to increasing productivity. And soon it becomes indispensable.
I don’t want to take 4-5 hours like I do for the posts so far.
So after 2 weeks of tiresome and exhaustive research..I’ve got myself a Wacom tablet! 😀
This is it: 

Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch (CTH-470/ Small)

I decided to write this post because I feel like all those like me  out there-looking to buy their first Wacom- would benefit from all the thinking and research I did.
I am SO glad that’s over.
And I’m even gladder because I’m extremely satisfied with the model I’ve bought 🙂

So..for the purpose of illustration and eventually graphic design, I considered:
– Bamboo : Small or Medium
-Intuos 5 Touch : Small
– Intuos 4: Medium

And here’s all I’ve learnt that led me to my choice

( This is NOT a comparative review, just what I read and understood. Those who disagree should please not be hating on my post.Disagree and be on your way 🙂 )


Small is best when your computer is a laptop.
Medium works if you have a desktop computer.

Small or medium- you’re going to be able to do the same things.
If it’s’re not going to have to make large hand movements to get your stroke on screen.
In medium u can do that if you want to 🙂

But if you draw using wrist movements you’ll find that you won’t be using all the surface area on the Medium. In that case, all it’s done for u is covered more area on your desk.

Medium is good if you do those swishy-swashy large stroke art/paintings. In that case, you could consider large too. But to me, that just seems humungous. So when I tell you that there’s an X-Large Intuos- I don’t even want to try and sell that to you. That CRAZY big.

Small is wonderful for me, because:
– it takes up just the right amount of space.
-I can keep it on my lap, and sit back and sketch like it’s a sketch pad.
– it’s bigger than u expect.
overall size: 11 x 7 inches.
area u can draw on [active area] :5.8 x 3.6 inches.
-It’s the most portable size, if u want to carry it around.


So reviews and forums were all like, ‘the Bamboo is for amateurs, those who want to have fun, for kids’

Now, even though I am an amateur- I don’t want to define myself like that -_- and I also don’t want to be someone JUST ‘having fun’. I’m taking this seriously!!
So, I thought hmm..maybe I need what the better people use.

So I went over to Intuos. They’re double the price of a Bamboo Fun.

It’s praised for:
– 10 times more pressure sensitivity than the bamboo.
meaning u press pen less and so less nib wearing out.

Pen tilt. For this and some other features I believe the Intuos is tempting for serious digital painters who could benefit from that feature.
But there are AMAZING digital painters who use the bamboo too. And since I don’t know squat about painting 🙂 , I can’t be the judge of this feature right now.

-better surface texture. it’s more like paper.
Yea, but that also means more friction against the pen nib= means more wear = means u got to replace nibs more often.
Also, in time the surface wears out and becomes smooth- that super-feature #1 gone out the window?

NOTE: nib wearing out is a problem even for bamboo.
Intuos or Bamboo- people on forums are complaining like they’ve been cheated.
For this:
1. set pen tip to softest u put less pressure.
2. get a plastic surface protective cover/film for your tablet.
most economical, un-ugly option for me is this:) ->
I insert my bamboo tablet into a transparent plastic file folder- the kind that’s open on 2 sides.
It doesn’t affect pressure sensitivity AT ALL.
its surface is smoother than the bamboo and so less friction and the surface can never get scratched by a worn-down pen 🙂

– It has a variety of nibs.
but u can also buy them for your bamboo if u want it so bad.
Nibs aren’t very expensive.

So, as u can see by my sort-of biased review 🙂 I didn’t see why Intuos was exactly what I needed.

The last few points that were nails in the coffin of the Intuos for me were these:

3. Somebody said the bamboo has the precision of a crayon-

check out GeeGee Mac’s speed drawings on YouTube using his Wacom Bamboo Fun.(
If art like that can me made on it, Bamboo nay-sayers may need to reconsider their statements.
Infact it’s his art that won me over completely. He certainly is NOT just an Amateur!

4. If I’m apprehensive about surface replacing costs and pen-nib replacements- for me, the bamboo is the safest option.
But now that I’ve bought it, I realise whichever Wacom- u can protect and minimise damage to a great extent with a protective surface cover.

5. There are people who have an Intuos, but appreciate their bamboo more.
Then again, there are people who go vice versa too. And the next point let me ignore them 🙂
6.Artists say- if you’ve got talent, what u do on your bamboo or Intuos is going to look good.

There are artists who’ve worked for long on Graphire [the model that was before the bamboo] and been professionals.
So I figured it’s a matter of talent. One can always want fancier technology.
And if one can afford the fanciest, one should get it. Why limit yourself?
But for someone like me, with a budget and hopes to make it in the field someday- the Bamboo is a reliable and sufficient to see me through my amateur phase and maybe more 🙂
Hope that helped and best of luck buying yourself a Wacom!